Sunday, 8 December 2013


Finally I managed to get this project going. I call it ILuvAnimus. It's a project where I draw characters I like from different animes. Of course most of them are going to be lewd like this, or perhaps even more so.

I actually got this idea during the summer, and even drew four pictures on paper. This is one of them, and I shall finish the others too at some point. So here's Eris from Asobi ni Iku yo! I must say, I'm really content with this drawing. I like the coloring and shading and even the hair! This is pretty much the style I've been aiming to from the beginning. Of course it could be better, there's always room for improvement, but right now I feel like I achieved something. Hopefully you like it as much as I do!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 Surprise, instead of girls you get a muscular viking! For long I wanted to draw a ne picture of Eromanboy, and finally I got the chance when I received a task to design a character on a school course.

I did a lot of changes to the original drawing of Eromanboy, but the idea is still the same: huge muscles, beard and a gargantuan hammer. I guess the character has no other meaning than to serve as my avatar.

I really like how this drawing turned out, especially the hammer. It looks cool and has some details on it, and the coloring style really does the job. This time I did the coloring inspired by a movie called Redline. If you haven't seen to movie, I recommend it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Rosalina's Birthday

 Once again I took part in Rosalina's birthday at Rosalina x Girl blog. Since I just had a week long art course where we spent the most of time drawing human figure, I wanted to try something complex. I have to say I'm not completely happy with this drawing. I need to learn how to draw the head better in a three-quarter view, and I must say the perspective I choce was bit too much for me. I didn't have too much time in my hands so I speeded up towards the end, and that might show in some places. The things I like in this picture include Rosalina's breasts and of course C.C.'s ass. This time I also saved a few earlier versions of the picture so you can see how I changed somethings and so on. Anyway, I wish Rosalina a happy birthday!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Suddenly Super Girls

It's been too long since my last post, so I did something totally unraleted to anything. I kind of like the style and the colors. I tried all kinds of things while doing this. My theme was super heroes, and I thought I might do more of these futanari girls with thight costumes. I won't be giving these characters any names yet, since I think I might make theme more cartoony, and change a few things. Anyway it's pretty late and I got school tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this!

Monday, 16 September 2013


Since my school started I haven't have much time to draw hentai, and I'm truly sorry about that. The first half  a year is really crucial time for me in the school. At christmas it will be decided whether the students go to the datacenter side or the game developement. I'm aiming to be a programmer on the game developement side, and there's much competition. Only around half of the students will get to the game developement, and the deciding factor will be the school success on the first six months.

Though I might not have time for hentai, I will most likely post other kinds of art mostly related to games to my other blog. There's probably also be some music and prehaps even small games. I'm planning on joining the school's art club, so I'll be drawing something at least.

If you're wondering what's with the eye, it's just a doodle I made when I practised using my drawing tablet this weekend.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


So here it is, unfinished because I kinda lost my interest. I think it works like this somewhat. It has been a long time again since I have done anything proper, but I'll try to get something done soon.

On this one, I tried a few things with the coloring, and did thicker outlines. I'm not sure yet but I might use these kind of thick outlines in the future. I'll mainly focus on the more detailed and smooth style, but I might occasionally do something like this too. Hope that at least someone likes it.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A scrap

It's been a while since I last posted anything here, so I thought I'd post this quick one I drew some time ago. I was supposed to train using the tablet with it, but I never really got to the tablet phase. This post is more like a reminder that I've not forgotten hentai and drawing in general.

In case you're wondering how I usually do my work I'll take this chance to explain it. I usually draw the outlines on paper like in this picture. Then I scan it, trace the outlines with pen tool in photoshop and finally color it. It's rather time consuming to do everything with a mouse, and it would be a good thing to finally get used to my tablet.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What's up?

I noticed It's been almost two months since the last post, so I thought I'd tell you what I've been doing. Time for the big reveal of this century, I've been... (Drum roll) ... doing nothing. At least nothing productive. I've just been watching anime and playing games. I have like 90 games in my steam that I've never even opened, so they take some time. I always watch most of the anime that is airing, and I also watched a few old series like Clannad and Minami-ke.

Why do I tell you this? I think I feel a bit quilty for making new content so seldom. Whenever I'm actually about to do something new, I spend some time just thinking which thing should I do. I have so many things on my mind. I have like four different music projects. Then there is the idea to make cover songs on youtube too. I draw things to two places. I'm planning the OCs for hentai pictures, and have my dA to worry about too. I should make the album art for the old Polygamy albums, and I also have some comic strips on my mind. So, if I would think about them as projects I'd have like nine projects going on, and I just watch anime and play games. That's also the way it's going to be in the future, I'll do things with my own pace. Don't expect me to make new posts often, though I guess no one expected anything from me to begin with. Just wanted to tell you this.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Okaeri's Cover

I believe I'm getting the hang of this. Here's the cover art for one of the albums I've made. The album is named Okaeri, and it's some kind of house music I guess. The project name is Polygamy, and since I took that name I've wondered; why do we actually devote ourselves to just a one person? Jelousy could be a reason, and the way society is in general. Anyway back to the drawing, In my opinion it turned out well in the end, though I had to recolour the skin once. You can see the huge difference in the other picture. I tried to do abit more simple coloring to it, but it just doesn't look good at all. I don't even know why I was obsessed with being simple, since the "more complex" way doesn't take much more effort really. The pose and the background are quite simple, but I guess they do their jobs. If you're wondering what is happening, the setting is as follows: You've had a rough day, and when you get back you notice that the sauna has been warmed. You take your clothes off and step right in to be greeted by her. I guess I should actually introduce her as well. I call her Grace. She is one of the three mascots for my Polygamy music project.  Grace is calm and graceful woman, who likes skinship and being of help. She's also athletic and quite strong. However, she isn't committed just one sport, but likes them all. She also likes everyday household chores and playing piano. Hope you like it!

If you happened to become interested in my music projects, you can read more about them from my other blog. Or you can go to my other soundcloud account that has all kinds of music for free download. Or you can just download the album Okaeri here, for free of course.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Finally I added the moans to this one, and all I can say is that it's not as good as I hoped. Well at least the moans aren't that good, but I guess the song is otherwise listenable. I'll add instrumental versions someday somewhere. Hopefully you people will find this enjoyble at some level.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


It's been a little while since I last drew, but no worries because it seems I get better without drawing at all! Just kidding, though I am really proud of this picture in many ways. If you're wondering what happened to me drawing a shitload of OCs, I'll tell you that I decided to remake the whole thing. That is why also took the chance to kind of "practise" and develop my own drawing style, by drawing this for the Rosalina x Girl site as a surprise. Hope you like it! The picture features Rosalina (On top) from the Super Mario Galaxy for nintendo, and Rita Mordio (Bottom) from Tales of Vesperia, which is for xbox360 and PS3. I picked Rita from the Rosalina x Girl site's wishlist, because Tales of Vesperia happens to be one of my all time favourite games. I also happen to like Rita quite much, not as much as Jeremie likes Rosalina though. The other reason is I don't known many of the characters on his wishlist.

The picture itself was a huge success I'd say. This is probably the first picture with a background that I've ever made. I know it's not nearly as precise as it could've been, but I didn't have the patience to make everything straight and even. The lighting was also a first for me, I've never done so dynamic lighing before. The position of the girls was also quite a pickle, but I think I still nailed it! (Got lucky) I played with the colors too to make it more interesting, and had a real hassle with the stars and all that. This is also the first time when I'm overall satisfied with everything. Usually the source of my dissatisfaction is the hair, but this time I'm happy with my work all in all.

Like I mentioned earlier on this post, I just threw all the desingin I had done in my head to hell. Okay, not everything, I'll use many ideas from the previous setting with the new one. The reason I wanted to start remaking the setting and characters, is that previously the characters wouldn't have anything in common, except the place where they lived. It would've been hardly interesting, not that I'd actually make a plot or anything. The new setting also would easily allow me to turn it for a game. I guess I've never told this before, but I'm starting my studies the coming autumn. The line I'm aiming for is specialized in the making of games. To say it more clearly I'm aiming for game industry and making games is like a dream of mine since the comprehensive school. So, I kind of prepare the setting so I could turn it into a game, though that might be a bit naive thinking that I could make a game alone.

Last topic is going to be... Me! I decided that I'd open the path from this side to who I really am. What I mean is I'm going to link my other blog here, but I won't do it the otherway around. Yes someone who I know might still find his way here, but it doesn't really matter. So, my name is actually Toni Minkkinen, I'm 21 year old finn. I'm an undergraduate, and I've served my "military" service, which is mandatory in Finland for men who have turned 18. In my case, I was two months in the army and then changed to civil service. I guess I could go on writing random stuff about myself, but I'll just let you go with this link to my other blog: Ordinarium

Friday, 15 March 2013


YEEEAAAASS! This is what I've been waiting for. My work ended today and I'll most likely be unemployed for a few months, meaning I have more time to do more stuff like compose and draw. I wont make any promises or deadlines, but I'll most likely draw something quite soon. Not immidetly because I'm going to see my friends for few days. Anyway, expect to see some hentai in the future!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Me me me

It's been a while, and guess what? I haven't done anything related to hentai. I still have the first hentaimetal song almost ready. It's only missing like three seconds of guitar or so, and the "lyrics". I thought I'd make something when my civil service ended, but I got a job there and haven't been on the mood resently. What comes to near future, I propably wont be doing much at least until my work is done. My work there ends halfway of March. Meanwhile I'm doing something other than hentai, you can enjoy this awesome mashup I came across in youtube.