Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What's up?

I noticed It's been almost two months since the last post, so I thought I'd tell you what I've been doing. Time for the big reveal of this century, I've been... (Drum roll) ... doing nothing. At least nothing productive. I've just been watching anime and playing games. I have like 90 games in my steam that I've never even opened, so they take some time. I always watch most of the anime that is airing, and I also watched a few old series like Clannad and Minami-ke.

Why do I tell you this? I think I feel a bit quilty for making new content so seldom. Whenever I'm actually about to do something new, I spend some time just thinking which thing should I do. I have so many things on my mind. I have like four different music projects. Then there is the idea to make cover songs on youtube too. I draw things to two places. I'm planning the OCs for hentai pictures, and have my dA to worry about too. I should make the album art for the old Polygamy albums, and I also have some comic strips on my mind. So, if I would think about them as projects I'd have like nine projects going on, and I just watch anime and play games. That's also the way it's going to be in the future, I'll do things with my own pace. Don't expect me to make new posts often, though I guess no one expected anything from me to begin with. Just wanted to tell you this.

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