Friday, 15 March 2013


YEEEAAAASS! This is what I've been waiting for. My work ended today and I'll most likely be unemployed for a few months, meaning I have more time to do more stuff like compose and draw. I wont make any promises or deadlines, but I'll most likely draw something quite soon. Not immidetly because I'm going to see my friends for few days. Anyway, expect to see some hentai in the future!


  1. Not sure it's really good to be unemployed but if that allow to see you come back, that's just soooo powerfull... \(^o^)/

    Hope you are fine my friend... ^^

    1. I have some savings, and a place where to start my studies in autumn so it's just as I planned. :3 And just checked the video, it was a quite weird feeling to be mentioned in someone else's video. xD By the way, have everyone always known about your "pervesions"? Just wondering because I'm trying to keep my "real identity" from being related to all these fetish pictures I'm drawing. xD

    2. Oh, that sound nice if everything is planned, hope you wont have bad surprises, but a lot of great one... XD

      That's true people know a lot about me, you know what I love, how I look, where I leave and I don't know anything about you but sincerely you are my friend, I am your friend (I hope) and that's just perfect... I want people know me as the owner of the blog and a huge Rosalina fan, all my friend know about it and like this there isn't bad surprise.

      That's true I can stay anonymous and I'll never have problem but I want people see me and know how I love Rosalina, perversion or not... XD

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Thanks so much for the comment and feedback about the video, you are not the first who say me than my French accent is not easy to understand but for a first time I think everybosy understand me and that's great...

      Maybe I'll make an other... I start to have some comments so like I say it may be with the Rosalina cosplay... Maybe... ^^

      Sincerely I love your song and each time I listen it, there isn't "Nintendo" who appear in the title but "Rosalina observatory by Eromanboy"... Really wanted to share it and of course promote the amazing artist who drew it. If finally you will have more time to draw and upload the blog I think it's the best moment to talk about you... ;p

      Hope to see you show other of your OCs, the first is amazing, can't wait to see more... Oh yeah...

    3. Haha, I actually sometimes wonder if I just should "come out of the closet". I believe it wouldn't actually change much, and then I could share more stuff here, like my music and all.

      And about the OCs... xD Just last night when I went to sleep I had this idea about tossing years of thinking and writing straight down the drain, and start anew. You probably didn't notice yet but I already deleted the pages about OCs and stuff. I'll explain my trail of thought more once I post my next drawing. :3

      And about speaking english, you'll get better only by doing it, just like everything else. :D

    4. you're right, it's not like it will change your life but sincerely I often have the impression to be alone, if you dedide to leave not sure I will be able to find you again, Same thing as Dmfo, instead of the artist name finally I don't have any idea about the person and that's pretty funny to try imagine who can be Eromanboy and how you can look in real life... A guys, a girl, a student or a boss... Hum... XD

      I noticed about you OC's pages and that's so bad, I think you spend a lot of time to create these pages, I'm really curious to have more infos on the next post and see what about the 96 other OCs you planned when you posted Iqila... ^^

      By the way thanks so much for talk about the Rosalinaxgirl AND rosalinaandgirl blogs in the links page and your right about english, that's why I made this video, it finally a good practice but nothing betetr than speach with a true english... ^^

    5. Np for the links, it never hurts to support each other, and stay tuned for my next post, it's going to be quite surprising. :3

  2. And by the way, have you see the video of the blog? I think we hear your name at a moment... ^^