Wednesday, 27 March 2013


It's been a little while since I last drew, but no worries because it seems I get better without drawing at all! Just kidding, though I am really proud of this picture in many ways. If you're wondering what happened to me drawing a shitload of OCs, I'll tell you that I decided to remake the whole thing. That is why also took the chance to kind of "practise" and develop my own drawing style, by drawing this for the Rosalina x Girl site as a surprise. Hope you like it! The picture features Rosalina (On top) from the Super Mario Galaxy for nintendo, and Rita Mordio (Bottom) from Tales of Vesperia, which is for xbox360 and PS3. I picked Rita from the Rosalina x Girl site's wishlist, because Tales of Vesperia happens to be one of my all time favourite games. I also happen to like Rita quite much, not as much as Jeremie likes Rosalina though. The other reason is I don't known many of the characters on his wishlist.

The picture itself was a huge success I'd say. This is probably the first picture with a background that I've ever made. I know it's not nearly as precise as it could've been, but I didn't have the patience to make everything straight and even. The lighting was also a first for me, I've never done so dynamic lighing before. The position of the girls was also quite a pickle, but I think I still nailed it! (Got lucky) I played with the colors too to make it more interesting, and had a real hassle with the stars and all that. This is also the first time when I'm overall satisfied with everything. Usually the source of my dissatisfaction is the hair, but this time I'm happy with my work all in all.

Like I mentioned earlier on this post, I just threw all the desingin I had done in my head to hell. Okay, not everything, I'll use many ideas from the previous setting with the new one. The reason I wanted to start remaking the setting and characters, is that previously the characters wouldn't have anything in common, except the place where they lived. It would've been hardly interesting, not that I'd actually make a plot or anything. The new setting also would easily allow me to turn it for a game. I guess I've never told this before, but I'm starting my studies the coming autumn. The line I'm aiming for is specialized in the making of games. To say it more clearly I'm aiming for game industry and making games is like a dream of mine since the comprehensive school. So, I kind of prepare the setting so I could turn it into a game, though that might be a bit naive thinking that I could make a game alone.

Last topic is going to be... Me! I decided that I'd open the path from this side to who I really am. What I mean is I'm going to link my other blog here, but I won't do it the otherway around. Yes someone who I know might still find his way here, but it doesn't really matter. So, my name is actually Toni Minkkinen, I'm 21 year old finn. I'm an undergraduate, and I've served my "military" service, which is mandatory in Finland for men who have turned 18. In my case, I was two months in the army and then changed to civil service. I guess I could go on writing random stuff about myself, but I'll just let you go with this link to my other blog: Ordinarium


  1. Whao, you really made a huge and amazing post, that's a really beautifull surprise... I never played this game but added Rita to the wishlist because I saw some fanarts of her and thought she's damn cute, So nice you choosed her... Your drawing is amazing, it look so lovely and romantic (pretty sexy too) I didn't wanted something really hardcore with rita so this one is just perfect... Great point with the background, you really increased your level with this one I I love the little painting from the drawign you sent for Rosalina birthday, thanks so much Eromanboy... \(^o^)/

    Your Oc project was really really big, 97OC it's really a lot but you did a great one and maybe it must be inteersting see you create new chaarcters sometimes... Iqila was great you must give her some friends... I kow some artists who have really differents OC and it work, after all the world is huge so you can ifnd a great place for each... ^^

    So I named you Eromandoy but now I can say "Toni", that's so powerfull you open your true world and that's so powerfull discover you, I love your metal song but only one, this time there is so much amazing sounds (By the wy my friend really love sanctuary)...

    New songs, nw pictures, nice videos and a man.... a damn pleasant man, this post is epic, I'm really happy with the new Rosalian but discover you is the best surprised... You're the best toni... °w°

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm not too used to compliments so that's the only answer I can think of. xD

    2. don't worry, you don't have to compliment... You did an amazing job, thats so much for yout support and all these Rosalina drawings... \(^o^)/

      at start the Eromanboy folder just had your hentai metal sound, now the folder is really more powerfull, so ncie we can download your songs, there is some who sound incredible... ^^

    3. It's also good to get listeners, because I've never really promoted my music. Therefore,the chances of someone actually just finding my music are quite small. :D

    4. Yeah, it's not easy to start but you must never stop and fan will come... Oh yeah... ^^

      P.S., have you see the twitter page of the blog ?

    5. I have, though I haven't been looking at it too much. The reply section somehow bugs and is on the tweets. That might be because I'm using Internet Explorer, not sure. I'm not too familiar with twitter either, but when I saw that on your site I thought maybe I should copy what you're doing. xD

    6. Never mind, seems to work fine now. xD And thanks for mentioning my music there! I guess I should make links on my own page too. :D

    7. You're welcome... By the way I'm not familiar with twitter too, before create this account for the blog I didn't know anything about it but I saw the widget on an other site and I thought I must try...

      There is projects, videos, twitter, I fact I try all I can, if there is a change it make the blog more interesting it's nice... Now I hope people will come... ^^

      sintcerely the best way it to see other sites and blog to find ideas, I found the chat and twitter like this... ^^

    8. I think I'll add twitter here too, so everyone could see what I'm up to from this site. :3