Monday, 16 September 2013


Since my school started I haven't have much time to draw hentai, and I'm truly sorry about that. The first half  a year is really crucial time for me in the school. At christmas it will be decided whether the students go to the datacenter side or the game developement. I'm aiming to be a programmer on the game developement side, and there's much competition. Only around half of the students will get to the game developement, and the deciding factor will be the school success on the first six months.

Though I might not have time for hentai, I will most likely post other kinds of art mostly related to games to my other blog. There's probably also be some music and prehaps even small games. I'm planning on joining the school's art club, so I'll be drawing something at least.

If you're wondering what's with the eye, it's just a doodle I made when I practised using my drawing tablet this weekend.