Sunday, 28 July 2013


So here it is, unfinished because I kinda lost my interest. I think it works like this somewhat. It has been a long time again since I have done anything proper, but I'll try to get something done soon.

On this one, I tried a few things with the coloring, and did thicker outlines. I'm not sure yet but I might use these kind of thick outlines in the future. I'll mainly focus on the more detailed and smooth style, but I might occasionally do something like this too. Hope that at least someone likes it.


  1. It was a great idea, I love how you drew these tentacle around here and into her two breasts. I hope you will try something with little tentacles again... ^^
    (sorry, I missed this one... U_u)

    1. There's going to be lots of all kinds of creative perverted stuff, if I ever get to drawing some OCs. :D Tentacles will also surely be present in them. :3