Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 Surprise, instead of girls you get a muscular viking! For long I wanted to draw a ne picture of Eromanboy, and finally I got the chance when I received a task to design a character on a school course.

I did a lot of changes to the original drawing of Eromanboy, but the idea is still the same: huge muscles, beard and a gargantuan hammer. I guess the character has no other meaning than to serve as my avatar.

I really like how this drawing turned out, especially the hammer. It looks cool and has some details on it, and the coloring style really does the job. This time I did the coloring inspired by a movie called Redline. If you haven't seen to movie, I recommend it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Rosalina's Birthday

 Once again I took part in Rosalina's birthday at Rosalina x Girl blog. Since I just had a week long art course where we spent the most of time drawing human figure, I wanted to try something complex. I have to say I'm not completely happy with this drawing. I need to learn how to draw the head better in a three-quarter view, and I must say the perspective I choce was bit too much for me. I didn't have too much time in my hands so I speeded up towards the end, and that might show in some places. The things I like in this picture include Rosalina's breasts and of course C.C.'s ass. This time I also saved a few earlier versions of the picture so you can see how I changed somethings and so on. Anyway, I wish Rosalina a happy birthday!