Monday, 8 October 2012

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coloring Ofilia


This is a video of me coloring the last picture I posted here. It took me around seven hours to finish, and I speeded the video up as much as sony vegas allowed me to. The video is also missing some action because my harddrive ran out of space. Damn fraps making huge videos. I also needed to drop the quality to shit, since the good quality gave me an unspecified error. I don't own any of these songs playing on the backround and all that.

Friday, 5 October 2012


I tried to post this to HentaiFoundry last weekend, but it had anatomy errors yet again. My guess is the right hand but I can't really tell... The areola didn't go too well and the hair, but otherwise I'd say I did quite well. I even recorded making this and I'll try to post that next. This character is also one of my many OCs that have yet to come existent. Her name is Uebara Ofilia.


This one I made for Harmonie_Rosalina's blog Rosalina x Girl. I had a bit difficulties with the clothes and stuff, but I think I nailed that skin and body.

Here I go


So, after some motivating words from Hamonie_Rosalina, I decided to start a blog. Thanks for him for supporting me, I appreciate it. Anyway I'm going to post all pictures I make from now on, despite some of them might have not been accepted to HentaiFoundry.
This one was, for me, a breakthrough. Not that it achieved much audince or anything, I just felt like this is fappable. The tentacles were a success they even surpassed my expectations. As you can see I usually make a few versions of the same picture with minor differences. Oh, and I'll be using that maid there, her name is Munegami Meron and she's my OC.