Saturday, 29 December 2012


Gaah... Finally I finished it. It was really much more time consuming picture that I had expected, but it was totally worth it. I'd say the improvement to my older pictures is astronomical. It wasn't easy though, I had to do a few compromises. I originally planned that Proserpines (An alien species she represents) wouldn't have hair, but I just couldn't come up with anything else satisfying. Another thing was that I thought that I'd add lost of cum spewing out her vagina, but I still can not make cum too well, and I ran out of patience to try. Otherwise the picture is a great success in my opinion. I had to face various challenges making this picture, the first was the lineart. I have never drawn a picture that is like looking up or down at someone, and I hadn't drawn really muscular character before. I did of course look at an example for the muscles, and I think I nail'd, both the muscles and the perspective. The next challenge was the colors, yet another first time for me. With the power of image>adjustments I found good colors, though it was hard to decide on them. I think I had few nice little ideas while doing the picture. First, the "milk" that glows peculiarly. It's quite interesting. Second the shadow and the glowing eyes give a nice little touch. I like the whole design actually. Like the four nipples on each breast, the six tentacles coming out of her back (you can only see four, but there's six.), the two clitorises, and so on. Makes her look a bit more alien.

I guess I should Introduce her too. Her name is Iqila, and as I briefly mentioned, she is of an alien race called Proserpine. You can read more about both Proserpines and Iqila, by browsing the pages. I also try to add all kinds of information as I go on with my project of drawing 103 OCs. I start to wonder, if I ever draw Iqila again. Or moreover, do I ever finish 97 OCs. That remains to be seen.

Progress: 1/97 [1%] Complete


  1. Interesting character, I love the tentacle who make her body wet, that's look so hot is that way... He pussy with tongue look really exciting too, with a special dildo like this she must have a lot of pleasure, so bad we don"t really see more of her hand holding the dildo, at a moment I wasn't sure if she's a futa or not... The ligt Juicy version is my fovorite, that's and awesome start, good luck for the 102 OCs remaining...

    GEnerally I4m not a huge fan of alien girls but I must admist this one is really nice, I hope you tried to submit this one to hentaifoundry... Oh yeah... XD

    1. Thank you for your kind words. :D I feel like I should explain the picture a bit more so everyone ca tell what's what. xD The pussy has three tentacles inside it, the same way as the tentacles coming out of her back. You can see the one on her chest. The three ball shapes indicate the tips of the tentacles that can extend out of it, as seen on the nipples on the right side. In the middle of those three tentacles there is that somewhat triangular looking hole. The picture doesn't show her legs and lower body parts that much, but if you look closely between her legs you can see a tail coming out. That penis going into her vagina is actually the tip of her tail. :3