Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Sadly I don't have anything new for you, there just simply wasn't enough time to do much. Of course it's my own fault for starting so late, but I really did work the last two weeks almost constantly, and only finished two pictures. If you're wondering where the other went, it was for my other blog where I am me, not Eromanboy. Anyway, I can give you one thing, that might not be much. I'll propably even fail keeping them as usual, but I can give you my new year's promises. I promise to draw more, and I also promise to complete the first Hentai Metal album. Those should be reasonable promises for a year. More like easy to achieve, but don't underestimate my power to fail.

I'll also take this opportunity to write down my plans again. I plan to reduce the number of the OCs I'm drawing. 103 is really ridiculous amount, I'm pretty sure I can compine many of their characteristics together adding deepness to the characters a bit. If I'd really draw that many it would totally take me many years just to draw them all once. I'm not sure how much I can reduce the number, but we'll see.

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