Monday, 12 November 2012

OCs, Pages and HentaiMetal

This is a picture of one of my OCs called Tsumeharu Kisara. She's a tsundere futa obviously. I'll write more about her when I get to making the character pages. I drew her a while ago already, but I didn't post her here yet. That's because I had her posted on my dA account. Anyway I'll be doing this kind of full body pictures of my OCs with their usual clothes on, so you'll see them in all their glory. I'll also do one or two nude pictures so you'll see what they got to offer, if you know what I mean.

Like I said on HF, I roll the die to decide which character I'm going to do. This character I did indeed draw before hand so the erotic content is going to have to wait. I did draw an other of my OCs, but I still need to do the other pictures of her and then color them, so it's going to take a while.

And about the pages, I haven't started yet. I do have lots of information writen down on .txt files, but the content is not too polished. What I mean is it's not too interesting to read because it just has the basics written in a simple manner, so I, myself remember those things. Of course I have a lot of writing before me still. When I start making the pages I'll do it gradually, there wont most likely be must information at first.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. My HentaiMetal project isn't going too smoothly, but I'll try to figure out how to get the song done well enough for publishing.


  1. She's a really cute character, never expected she's a futa and like yoru description I think she will be a really pervert one... I have a lot of .txt too for my blog... XD

    Hope christmas was fun for you and thanks for yout commetn on my blog, if you are curious there is 3 new versions but it's futa... ^^

    Have a great day

    1. Thanks. She's quite cute right now, but things might change when I draw her next time with a bit different style (Hopefully I manage to draw her even cuter). And I do read all your posts, though I don't always leave a comment or a reaction. :3