Friday, 5 October 2012

Here I go


So, after some motivating words from Hamonie_Rosalina, I decided to start a blog. Thanks for him for supporting me, I appreciate it. Anyway I'm going to post all pictures I make from now on, despite some of them might have not been accepted to HentaiFoundry.
This one was, for me, a breakthrough. Not that it achieved much audince or anything, I just felt like this is fappable. The tentacles were a success they even surpassed my expectations. As you can see I usually make a few versions of the same picture with minor differences. Oh, and I'll be using that maid there, her name is Munegami Meron and she's my OC.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, so nice to see a blog with your name... Like this you can publish what you want and Hentaifoundry can say it's bad... But continue spam Hf, there is some drawing already accepted, you must continue try... Oh yeah... ^^

    And thanks for the lovely description, not often I see my name in other blogs, generaly it's me who talk about the artist when I pubish inmy blog... XD

    The drawing is great, A hot and messy tentacle is really powerfull as a fisting situation with girls in lingerie and high heels... That's so bad you cut the tentacles and don't drew it entirely, I think they are comming from the wall so that's a little special like this... Same this for the blood, without say "blood" in the title of the clean version, I never notice it...

    So it's a great start for your blog... Continue on that way... Oh yeah... ^^