Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coloring Ofilia


This is a video of me coloring the last picture I posted here. It took me around seven hours to finish, and I speeded the video up as much as sony vegas allowed me to. The video is also missing some action because my harddrive ran out of space. Damn fraps making huge videos. I also needed to drop the quality to shit, since the good quality gave me an unspecified error. I don't own any of these songs playing on the backround and all that.


  1. It's always so interesting see how the artist drew, use softwares and when he hesitate... This video was really interestign and you add great music... and wow... 7 hours... I know draw need a lot of time but don"t expected so much... O_o

    That's so bad this drawing was rejected, As me her pussy look a little special, you must practice it... Hope Hf will allaow your art a day, oh yeah... ^^

    Last thing about your blog, you add too much possibilities for "reaction" so I can see the last one, don"t know of it look with your computer but I can send you a screen if you want

    1. I actually did the pussy like that on purpose, she's a milf after all. And yes the last reaction doesn't fit and bugs but I'll try to fix it. Thanks for the comment again. :D

    2. And yes, seven hours just the coloring. It also took few hours to draw the outlines on a paper. I'm really slow at drawing i think. The erasing takes a lot of time, and hesitating too. I many times need to think before I act especially when drawing the outlines.