Friday, 5 October 2012


I tried to post this to HentaiFoundry last weekend, but it had anatomy errors yet again. My guess is the right hand but I can't really tell... The areola didn't go too well and the hair, but otherwise I'd say I did quite well. I even recorded making this and I'll try to post that next. This character is also one of my many OCs that have yet to come existent. Her name is Uebara Ofilia.


  1. YEah, a new drawing, that's why a blog it's powerfull, Hf rejected it but you can already show it... Oh yeah... ^^

    "Anatomical errors" but they don"t say more about it? As me the body is great just the way you color pussy and nipples in black woo look special... And you must practice a little for the pussy, this one is really special...

  2. Yeah the problem indeed is that they don't tell which body part has the error. :D

    1. At a moment they said why the drawing was rejected, but I think the admin is now to lasy or busy... So bad...