Friday, 23 May 2014


Next Thursday I'm flying to Singapore to be an exchange student for three months. Bad news is, that I wont be logging in as Eromanboy during the summer, because I'll be living with my friends. That also means there wont be any hentai drawings during that time. However I'll try to devote some time for practicing human anatomy and drawing in general. I also bought a few books about programming with C++ and music theory. If I'll actually be that active during the summer you can expect to see the results the next Fall.

Even though I wont appear as Eromanboy, I will try to update Ordinarium as often as I can. I will have my camera with me so hopefully I'll be posting some nice pictures for you to see. We will probably also visit Japan for a week, which means some epic otaku loot. *3* I wish you all an excellent summer!

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