Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wow such Rosalina

Here's a quick one I did for Jeremie's birthday on Rosalina x Girl site. Like I said it was a quick one so I decided to do something simple, and for change I wanted to do something cute.


  1. She's soooo cute... I lovely this cute face and lovely smile... After all I love Roslaina because she's so beautifull, no just sexy... °w°

    Once again thanks so much my friend, it was a powerfull surprise but it wasn't use to change the link, The post was more to give you a huge thanks and this remark was more like a little joke.

    Awwww... So cute... S2

    1. No problem!

      Yeah I knew you weren't that serious, it was just a really easy thing to fix and rather important thing too. :)